What’s the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?


When you’re getting ready to decide whether to pressure wash or soft wash your home or business, the choices might seem overwhelming at first. What is the difference between pressure washing and soft washing? Is power washing the same thing? How do you know which pressure washing service is best for your home?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you’re not alone. At Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance, our licensed home cleaning contractors offer both pressure washing and soft washing services in Saint Johns County and beyond—and we’re here to help you decide which cleaning service is best for your home or office.

Pressure washing vs. Soft washing

Pressure washing and soft washing are two cleaning systems that both rely on a spray of pressurized water.

Pressure washing uses very high pressure to get the job done. Power washing, a form of pressure washing, combines the impact of high pressure and high temperature for a heavy-duty cleaning technique.

On the other hand, soft washing uses much lower water pressure, combined with specialty detergents designed just for the system. The bases for a soft washing mix might include bleach (to break down mold and other biological yuck) or gentler, biodegradable ingredients (to wash without damaging flower beds and gardens).

What are the pros and cons of pressure washing?

When you need to get a heavy-duty job done, pressure washing is the name of the game. Pressure washing is the best way to remove stains from a driveway or sidewalk, like stains left behind by grease and oil.

You’ll want to invest in the best pressure washing services to clean concrete, pavers, sidewalks, driveways, roofs, and other durable surfaces. If your deck or patio is made from brick or stone, pressure washing will get the job done.

While pressure washing is ultra-effective for those stubborn stains and grimy spots, it can also cause some damage to weak structures. Depending on your home or business, pressure washing might be too intense for things like painted surfaces, loose shingles, or window and door screens.

What are the pros and cons of soft washing?

 If you’re looking to treat your entire home without risking damage from high-pressure water, soft washing is a great alternative. Where pressure washing relies on the intensity of the water itself, soft washing trades a lower water pressure for the use of cleaning chemicals. These might include bleach-based detergents that target mold and mildew or more eco-friendly alternatives that are safe to use around your landscaping projects.

Soft washing is the best way to remove mold and mildew. Because most soft washing detergents are specifically designed to target these nasty biological contaminants, you can give your home a fresh, healthy makeover with a soft washing treatment. Like soft washing for mold and mildew, this technique can also be a good option for cleaning cars, motorcycles, boats, or other metallic surfaces with paint or coverings that could chip under excessive pressure.

Before a soft washing service, our team will cover up any delicate plants and flowers to keep them protected. If you’re worried about the chemical impact of soft washing, talk to your cleaning professional to decide on the best detergent for your home or business. At Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance, we work with our clients to find the healthiest, happiest solutions.

 How do I decide between pressure washing and soft washing?

 Pressure washing or power washing? Power washing or soft washing? The best way to decide on the best cleaning treatment for your home or business is to speak with a licensed outdoor home and commercial cleaner in Saint Johns County.

At Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance, we offer free estimates for all of our residential and commercial clients in North Florida. We’ll help you identify any problem areas around your home or business, and decide which treatments are best for treating stubborn stains and grime while preserving the beauty of your property.

To schedule your FREE estimate for the best power washing in Jacksonville, call 904-747-4DPW (4379) or email us at info@diamondpwm.com.

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