How Do UV Rays Impact My Florida Home?

We’re getting ready for cooler weather, but that Florida sun isn’t going anywhere! Did you know that UV rays can have just as harmful of an effect on our homes as they can on our bodies?

Sunlight is good for us — but we all know the saying about “too much of a good thing”! Ultraviolet (or UV) radiation is a particular wavelength of sunlight that can be very damaging in large doses. Too much sun is linked to many diseases, health risks, and general discomfort when we spend too much time outdoors without proper protection. What’s more, our homes can suffer from the same impacts if they sit in direct sunlight for too long. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate the impact of harmful UV rays — for our bodies as well as our homes!

How do UV rays affect my home?

Ultraviolet radiation affects the home in ways you might not expect. First of all, excessive sunlight drastically reduces the life span of our household objects, especially those with bright or dark colors. Ever noticed how a new carpet seems to fade over time? This is because UV rays are not 100% blocked by our walls and windows. In fact, window glass only filters out about 40 to 50% of UV rays. As a result, furniture, art, wall paint, and carpets fade quickly — sometimes very prematurely! This is especially true for patio furniture, grills, and other objects that spend a lot of time directly in the Florida sun.

Furthermore, sunlight can wind up costing you more money. While it’s nice not to have to pay as much to heat our Florida homes in the winter, the summer sunshine racks up some EXTREME air conditioning bills. In fact, direct sunlight is one of the main reasons why Florida homeowners pay so much money in electricity bills every year. Direct sunlight makes insulation lose its efficiency, particularly if there is a build-up of dirt, mildew, or mold acting as an extra layer of insulation in summer, or as a heat conductor in winter. That’s why clean walls and roofs can directly lower your electricity bill!

Can UV rays affect my family even when we’re indoors?

Short answer: Yes! While UV rays are somewhat diluted when they pass through glass or screens, we can still feel the impacts of bright light from within our homes. That’s why it’s critical to maintain healthy sun protection for your home, in the same ways that you protect yourself when you step outside.

Now, we’re not saying you should board up all your windows and never see the sun. In fact, we NEED sunlight to maintain our bodies’ health and our happiness. However, you should still take steps to protect your #1 investment: Your family!

For the best indoor sun protection, make sure your windows are fitted with blinds and that you have sun screens in place when needed. On particularly sunny or hot days, you can give yourself a break from the glare by putting down the blinds (this is a great way to protect your eyes as well as your skin).

How can I prevent damage to my home from UV rays?

The best way to protect your Florida home from UV rays is to invest in regular, top-quality exterior cleaning. Sun screens, blinds, and artificial light will keep your belongings safe, while regular pressure washing and soft washing services will remove dirt and nasty buildup, give UV rays less gunk to work with, and lower your electricity bills over time! Plus, a clean exterior is the ideal base for a fresh coat of paint, and keeping your exteriors clean will help improve the longevity of your house color.

When you’re ready to take a stand against UV damage, give the pros at Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance a call at (904) 747-4DPW (4379). Our expertise in home maintenance and outdoor support make us the ideal partners for maintaining your home’s natural beauty — not to mention, the lifespan of your paint job! When it’s time for a power wash or inspection, you know who to call. Use our online tool to request your FREE in-person consultation today!

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