How To Have A Socially-Distant Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to make plans for our socially-distanced holiday gatherings! This year, with so much going on, we’re having to get creative about the ways we spend time with our loved ones. Here are a few socially-distanced Thanksgiving ideas from the Diamond PWM team. Before you get ready to welcome guests (from at least six feet away, of course), make sure to give your home a good scrub with a top quality power wash! Give us a call at (904) 747-4DPW (4379) to schedule your service!

Host a virtual “Notluck”

At this point, we’re all suffering from video chat fatigue. The best way to give your virtual celebration a boost is by getting creative! Put some fun into your virtual Thanksgiving by hosting a friends-and-family “Notluck.” Instead of everyone bringing dishes to someone’s house, celebrate Thanksgiving by joining each other on video chat for themed games, costume contests, and more.

Move the big event outdoors

If you still want to celebrate in-person, move the big event outdoors. Set up outdoor cooking spaces and dining spaces, dish out a buffet-style meal, and celebrate with plenty of fresh air. If it gets chilly, serve up hot apple cider and seasonal tea, or bust out the fire pits and portable heaters to keep the (socially-distanced) party going strong.

Split up your seating

Still planning on a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner? Encourage social distancing by splitting up your seating. Instead of one large central dining table, set up multiple smaller tables spaced at least six feet apart outdoors. Serve up food in single-serving, grab-and-go portions to limit contact with serving spoons and cutlery. Celebrate from a distance, but still enjoy each other’s company!

Plan some outdoor activities

If you’re moving the party outdoors, give new life to your family traditions with some outdoor activities. Do you watch the Macy’s day parade every year? Set up a projector using a white bedsheet as your screen, and watch recordings of the best floats from years past. Create a new family tradition with an outdoor game competition, like horseshoes or cornhole!

Celebrate gratitude with the whole family

Smaller family gatherings are just as fun! If you’re planning a Thanksgiving that’s just for your immediate family, take time to celebrate gratitude together. What are you thankful for this year? Encourage children to go around the table and share their gratitude lists, and take time to call distant relatives and tell them you’re thankful for them, too!

Coordinate a drive-by party for older relatives

If Grandma and Grandpa can’t join the festivities this year, bring some holiday cheer their way by coordinating a drive-by celebration. Encourage friends and relatives to decorate their cars with Thanksgiving goodies, then drive by your relatives’ homes in a large caravan. Honk your horns, yell out the windows, and wave from the driveway as you drive by. It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer from a distance!

However we may be celebrating Thanksgiving this year, it’s a good time to celebrate our homes as well. Keeping up with regular outdoor maintenance is the best way to guarantee a happy and healthy home for years to come!

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