The Father’s Day festivities wrapped up on Sunday, making this week the perfect time to get started on a Father’s Day DIY. This year, give the gift of R&R by taking a few household projects off Dad’s plate. Here are seven ways you can take the stress off Dad for a weekend!

1. Instead of a gadget, deck out a “Man Cave.”

Create a space where Dad can be Dad. Deck out a shed or lesser-used room in the house with all of Dad’s favorite things, like posters for his favorite sports teams, a place to play his favorite games, and–most importantly–a spot to put his feet up. When it seems like Dad needs an evening off, gift him a few hours’ peace and quiet!

2. Instead of a car care kit, power wash the driveway and sidewalks.

Is your Dad obsessed with his car? Make the place where he shows it off worth showing off itself — a power wash of your driveway and sidewalks improves your home’s curb appeal, and gives Dad a comfortable, clean place to take care of his car. While you’re at it, washing Dad’s car is the icing on this Father’s Day cake!

Father's Day DIY pool patio
Cleaning up the pool and patio is a great way to take tasks off Dad’s plate!

3. Instead of a pool day, clean up the pool and patio.

Give Dad a place to kick up his feet by sprucing up the pool and patio. A power wash is a great way to clean up the area around your pool or outdoor space. Put in the work that Dad normally does to clean up the pool: Dredge any leaves and twigs, add salt or chlorine as needed, and polish underwater lights. Round out this gift with a few hours of family pool time!

4. Instead of a new tie, dress up the yard.

Take this chore out of Dad’s hands by dressing up the yard. And we don’t just mean mowing the lawn — invest the time to trim the shrubs, plant new flowers, add a layer of mulch, and leave your home’s outdoor area sparkling. To take this idea a step further, invest in a high-quality gutter cleaning. Taking this pesky chore off Dad’s plate will earn major points — and make the outside of your home look its best!

Father's Day DIY Grill Table
This gorgeous grill table is a great way to spruce up Dad’s grilling area. (Image Credit: Fresh Mommy Blog)

5. Instead of BBQ tools, give the grill a makeover.

Is your Dad the Ultimate Grillmaster? Give him a space worthy of his title by making over his grill area. Clean up the grill itself with some elbow grease and a good scrub, then hand wash all of his barbecue tools to leave them sparkling. To top off this gift idea, build or buy a grill table and stock it with everything Dad needs for the ultimate BBQ meal.

6. Instead of a new grill, build a family fire pit.

Give a family-focused gift that keeps on giving with this idea. If you’ve got the outdoor space for it, build a DIY fire pit where your family can gather all summer long. (Just make sure to check your local fire ordinances first!) To top off this gift, bust out the marshmallows and chocolate and celebrate Father’s Day weekend with a backyard s’mores cookout.

7. Instead of a card, add a splash of color to your home.

This is a fun way to get younger kids involved with Father’s Day DIY projects. Add a pop of color to your home by knocking one of those tasks off Dad’s never-ending to-do list. You could do this by cleaning and re-painting the front door, crafting unique house numbers, or scrubbing those stubborn siding stains. As an added bonus, enlist a neighbor to take a family photo of everyone outside of your sparkling home!

What did you do for Father’s Day? At Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance, we love taking stress off your hands. Call (904) 747-4DPW (4379) or email for a free estimate.

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