Ahh, summer! The time for lazy days by the pool, BBQ grills, and ice-cold glasses of lemonade. A Florida summer is a great time to laze around on the patio — but it’s also when pesky pet stains stand out. So, how do you pet-proof your patio?

Protect your ultimate staycation destination with these tips:

1. Invest in pet-friendly (or pet-resistant!) furniture.

Cats are famous for using couches as scratching posts, but dogs can rip up outdoor furniture just as easily. To protect your patio investment, invest in tough, lasting furniture like metal bench bases and end tables. Decorate with (machine washable) pillows and bright accent pieces for a festive, summery look!

How do you pet-proof a patio? Invest in high-quality furniture
Pet-proof patio furniture is a great way to discourage power chewers!

2. Keep plants out of reach.

Is your pet a digger? Take away the temptation by keeping plants out of reach. Tuck decorative trees and shrubbery behind fences or gates. Plant flowers in elevated pots and cover dig-worthy dirt and sand beneath decorative rocks. If you’re an outdoor gardener, keep an eye out for these plants — they’re toxic to dogs!

  • Tulips
  • Azaleas
  • Lilies
  • Peonies
  • Sago Palm
  • Branching and California Ivy
  • Iris
  • Chinese Evergreen

3. Remove pet stains with DIY solutions.

Stains from pet urine are particularly unpleasant for stone patios. This is because concrete and other porous building materials soak up smells just as well as liquid — and once the scent has sunk into concrete, it can keep coming back when the stone bakes in the sun. There are two main ways to remove pet stains from concrete or rock: an enzyme-based solution or an ion-based one. Most pet stores sell enzyme-based pet cleaners that can remove pesky stains. You can also try DIY pet stain solutions like these!

4. Commit to regular pressure washing and outdoor maintenance.

All pet owners know that loose hair and cleanups are just part of the game. You can keep your outdoor space sparkling clean by committing to regular maintenance, like quarterly pressure washing and annual paver sealing. It’s not enough to try these treatments once: Make them a regular part of your maintenance budget, and you’ll save money and stress in the long run!

5. Re-seal your patio pavers.

“Sealing” patio pavers is a great way to keep weeds from growing in their joints, but it’s also a great way to keep out stains and other yuck left behind by messy pets. Plus, seeping moisture can lead to uneven pavers: If you notice spots where your pavers are sinking into the ground or shifting around, this might be a result of too much water sinking through to the base. What’s more, curious dogs might see a loose paving stone and think, “Toy!” Sealing your pavers keeps everything where it’s meant to be — and keeps Fluffy from digging up something he shouldn’t.

6. Barricade your railings.

If you have an elevated deck, patio, or balcony, it’s a good idea to barricade the railings. This keeps adventurous cats and dogs safe. You can do this by running chicken wire or a screen through the open gaps, or equipping your pup with a “stopper collar.” (A piece of foam that attaches to your pet’s collar when they’re let outside — now, when they go to investigate that balcony railing, the collar gently stops them from sticking their head out!)

Pet-proof a patio by barricading balconies
Keep brave pups and kitties safe by barricading open balconies.

7. Keep an eye out for pests.

Summer is prime time for fleas and ticks. Make sure they’re staying off your pets — and out of your home — by investing in a high-quality flea and tick treatment for your outdoor animals. This protects your patio, too, since pest infestations can turn your summer hangout into a big problem!

8. Relax!

That’s the fun of summer days — spending time with family and four-legged friends alike. If your pup gets into some trouble on your patio, take a breather and call the experts. The team at Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance is here to help. Give us a call at (904) 747-4DPW (4379) to schedule your FREE estimate for pressure washing, paver sealing, and more for your North Florida home.


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