DIY Projects to Work On In The New Year

2021 is right around the corner so it’s time to start brainstorming new DIY projects for the New Year! We’ve compiled a list of 7 DIY project ideas to help get your creativity flowing!

1. Driveway Makeover

A driveway clean-up can do wonders for a home, so let us help with yours! Our tools are built with the strength to clean right through any buildup your driveway may have. We will have it looking brand new in no time! Click here to learn more about our driveway cleaning services.

2. Paint Your Home

New year, new paint job! Start 2021 with a whole new look by adding a fresh coat of paint to your house. First you’re going to want to prep your home, which is where our services come in handy! Let us help you power wash your home before you start painting. Prepping your home with a good pressure wash will help with the paints application and longevity. You can read more about our pressure washing services here. After your home is prepped, you’re ready to pick out your color and get to painting!

3. Deck Renewal

Mold, algae, fungus and other growths love to stick to decks, especially after an onset of wet weather. Let’s get your deck looking fresh for 2021! We offer a variety of pressure washing and soft washing services for every material type. Click here to learn more!

4. Cabinet Paint Job

Vamp up your kitchen with a new cabinet color! Cabinet painting is another scenario where proper surface prep is crucial. Make sure the supplies you buy is for the type of material your cabinets are made of. Once you have all of the proper supplies and have prepared your cabinets, it’s time to get to painting!

5. Switch Out Your Faucet

Spice up your sinks with new faucets! Not much prep is needed for this one, just make sure you turn your water supply off before you get started. Then all you need is a wrench to unscrew your old faucet and install your new one!

6. Shampoo Your Rugs

There is nothing quite like having freshly cleaned carpet. You can rent out an industrial shampooer and have most of your home done in about 3 hours! Don’t forget to have some family members help out with moving your furniture around. You want your shampooer to have a clear pathway so you don’t miss a spot!

7. New Outdoor Light Fixtures

You can give your home a bright new twinkle with some upgraded outdoor lights! This may seem like a small fix but it can seriously give your home a whole new look! If you want to add even more sparkle, consider wrapping fairy lights around your tree.

We hope this list can give you some fun new ideas to try in the new year! Remember if you would like to inquire us for any of our services you can reach us at 904-747-4DPW (4379)
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