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Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance is built on a love for the natural beauty of Saint Johns County. As business and home ownership grows in the neighborhood, so does the community’s need for efficient, dependable maintenance.

At Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage multiple fast-paced, high-octane projects at the same time. Our commitment to “get it done right, the first time” shines through in every service.

Our team has developed a program of pristine, top-of-the-line power cleaning for residential and commercial properties. We want to help property owners keep the value and curb appeal to their homes and businesses, and love doing our part to keep Saint Johns County beautiful.

Between the hot summers, frequent rains, and wet winters, Northeast Florida is a hotbed for natural growths that affect a building’s look and structure. Most people don’t realize that all the black you see accumulating on and around your home, building, or property can be mildew, moss, fungus, or algae. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, reducing your home’s curb appeal, but over time this growth can be harmful.

The Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance team set about to find a cleaning system that would kill harmful bacteria, rather than just wash it away. The goal? Help families and businesses in Northeast Florida restore, maintain, and protect the natural charm of their homes and commercial buildings. Diamond PWM supports homeowners and business owners in Saint Johns County and beyond, bridging dedicated speed and efficiency with trust and dependability.

Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance takes its name from the pristine sparkle our treatments leave behind. When you want your property to shine bright, we’ll use whatever power necessary—from soft-washing to high-pressure scrubs—to leave surfaces undamaged and as spotlessly clean as the day you moved in.

We won’t leave you unsatisfied, period. Many businesses look to do a quick job, get paid, and move on to the next one. We live here. We work here. We want our community to keep the same beautiful look as what first appealed to us—and in order to ensure that happens, we take as much pride in your home and business’s appearance as you do. As a client of Diamond Power Washing & Maintenance you’re not just “A” job, you’re “THE” job.

Don’t let dirt and mildew dull your sparkle!
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