Whether you’re getting ready to sell, looking to beautify your home, or just need to pacify your local HOA, improving your curb appeal is a great way to raise your house’s value while simultaneously boosting your enjoyment of the place you call home. The team at Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance put our heads together to find our favorite tips to boost curb appeal for your North Florida home.

What is curb appeal, and why is it important?

The term curb appeal describes the attractiveness of a home or business and its immediate surroundings when viewed from the street. This is important both in the real estate game and in giving visitors the best first impression of your home or business—plus, a place with great curb appeal is a lot of fun to come home to!

Curb appeal is important if you’re looking for ways to increase the sale price of your home or ways to attract more foot traffic to your business. A store with sparkling sidewalks, a fresh coat of paint, and beautiful potted plants lining the walkway draws in more customers than a run-down stop-and-shop that needs some serious TLC!

How can I increase the curb appeal of my home or business?

We’re glad you asked! Here are our top fifteen tips to boost curb appeal:

  1. Start with a power wash. Power washing the outside of your building removes years of built-up grime and gunk that might detract from your home or business’s natural beauty. Pressure washing and soft washing remove dirt, mold, and mildew, and restore the original brightness and color of your siding.
  2. Keep up with lawn care. An unkempt lawn is one of the most obvious eyesores associated with a home or business. Make sure you’re following a schedule of regular mowing, trimming, and tidying.
  3. Seal old wood and pavers. When water finds its way into pavers, wood, and other structures, the damage speaks for itself. To get started, restore wood and pavers that have been damaged by the weather, and protect your deck or paver stone with a shiny or natural finish.
  4. Brighten your space with outdoor lighting. If your business is open late, make sure customers always feel welcome. Bright outdoor lighting is a great way to welcome guests to your home or business. Keep it subtle with small, white fairy lights, or make a statement with tiki torches!
  5. Invest in landscaping. High-quality landscaping is a great investment. Beautiful trees, manicured lawns, and flowering plants are a great way to freshen up your outdoor space and make someone say “Wow!” at first glance.
  6. Clean up the roof. Roof tiles collect more gunk than you’d believe possible—and when viewed from a distance, dirty roofing can be a major eyesore. So, clean up the roof with a soft wash, and repair any broken or missing tiles or panels.
  7. Try a fresh coat of paint. Is your house or business blending in with the rest of the neighborhood? Make it stand out with a fresh coat of paint. Fresh paint, besides boosting your curb appeal and increasing your property value, acts as an extra layer of protection against the elements.
  8. Trim overgrown shrubs and bushes. This is one of the most common landscaping faux pas. However, it’s one of the easiest to fix! If you already have shrubs, bushes, and trees planted on your property, trim down any overgrowth to leave your home or business looking fresh and well-loved.
  9. Add a pop of color. You don’t have to go all-out to add some flair to your home. For example, a single pop of bright color, like a red door, a decorative wreath, or window flower boxes can draw the eye of passersby.
  10. Turn your walkway into a runway. Sidewalks and paved walkways look run-down and neglected when choked with weeds and suffering from cracks. So, replace broken sidewalks, or pressure wash dirty ones to leave them sparkling.
  11. Unclog your gutters. When gutters get out of control, you can see the clogs from the street. Stay on top of gutter health with regular cleanings to avoid bacterial growth, drainage issues, and other problems as a result.
  12. Restore your driveway or parking lot. When a guest visits your home or business, one of the first things they notice is the state of the place they parked. Clear out weeds growing in the gaps between driveway concrete, and invest in a high-quality pressure wash to remove stains from oil and grease.
  13. Wash the windows. Are your front windows looking a bit foggy? A quick window wash can brighten up your home from the outside, and let in tons of natural light.
  14. Enhance your house numbers. Does the pizza guy always get lost trying to find your house? Add a bit of flair to your home with new house numbers. Get your kids involved by working on a family DIY. Work together to make new ones for display!
  15. Hide those eyesores. When you look at your home or business from the street, what do you see? For example, is your AC unit sticking out like a sore thumb? Are your trash cans sitting where everyone can see them? Find ways to hide these common eyesores, by adding landscape features or moving them to a more subtle location.

When it’s time to beautify your home into the nicest in Jacksonville, give us a call. The team at Diamond Power Washing and Maintenance is here to help. Power washing is right in our name, but regular maintenance can be magic!

Contact us today at (904) 747-4DPW (4379) or info@diamondpwm.com to learn more about our power washing and soft washing services, mold and mildew removal, stone and deck renewal, sidewalk and driveway cleanings, and paver/deck sealing and waterproofing. We’re here to help make your home or business have the best curb appeal in Jacksonville, Florida!

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